About us

We specialize in the production of champignons

Joint Limited Liability Company «BONSHE» is registered by the Administration of FEZ «Brest» on September 8, 2004 in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities and Individual Entrepreneurs under number 809000765.
«BONSHE» JLLC with British and Belarusian capital was registered as a FEZ «Brest» resident on September 13, 2004. It specializes in the production of mushrooms, more than 90% of the output is exported.

We produce 1400 tons of mushroom per month

The volume of the production complex with a continuous technological process, depending on the time of year and the features of the technology used

11 hectares

The area of the production complex of the enterprise. Consisting of five main production and 3 auxiliary capital buildings with a total area of 39 thousand m2

90% export

Most of the products are exported

60 vehicles

The transport logistics of an enterprise that plans, moves and delivers goods involves 60 units of its own vehicles

We used the best practices of Dutch and Polish mushroom growers

To improve its own production and increase the volume of mushrooms grown, our company used the best practices of Dutch and Polish mushroom growers: the company often becomes a platform for sharing experiences with foreign specialists. To ensure the normal technological process in the mushroom growing rooms provides automation of microclimate control system with the work of powerful heaters and coolers. The microclimate is controlled by special computer control systems that receive and process the main parametersof the environment in the production facilities, read by dozens of sensors.

We develop and invite to cooperation!

BONSHE has a rather large transport division, several small retail outlets, a packing area for products and purchased goods, and so on.
Today the company continues to develop and invites for cooperation the producers of mushrooms from the Republic of Belarus.

   In addition, those interested in employment, we offer to try their hand at learning the profession of mushroom grower. Join the BONSHE team!