Information for farmers

BONSHE JLLC invites small farms engaged in mushroom cultivation to cooperate as follows:

Most of repeat customers for mushrooms seek regular supply with regular product quality. We know firsthand how difficult it is to organize such a process in a small farm. A natural way to ensure regular supplies is to combine several farms into groups of cooperating partners, where cyclical declines in the yield of some farms are offset by the growth of others.

Of course, overrunning the market laws is impossible and we cannot buy products at prices higher than the selling price, but we are ready to guarantee agreed prices and purchase volumes all year round, regular purchase of products even in small batches. A number of farms that already cooperate with us and succeed can confirm this.

In addition, the Polish technologies for mushroom compost are known to provide a higher yield of mushrooms than self-prepared raw materials. Having a lengthy track record of cooperation and interaction with compost producers located in eastern Poland, we can assist in the purchase of Polish raw materials and conduct a small master class of managing the mushrooms growing process. If you are interested in supplying mushrooms to BONSHE JLLC, we offer a kind of prepayment for the supplied products with the most expensive component – mushroom compost.

For information on supply organization, please contact our sales department.

Acquisition of mushrooms on the territory of the Republic of Belarus:  +375(29) 625-05-87

Acquisition of mushrooms on the territory of the Republic of Belarus:
+375(29) 625-05-87