Procedure of working with fertilizers made of spent mushroom compost

Fertilizers made of mushroom compost:

Spent mushroom compost has long been known to Brest region residents as an excellent fertilizer, not inferior in its properties to the traditionally used cattle manure.
   And this is not surprising, because the basis of mushroom compost is a mixture of rotted straw, a mixture of peat and chicken manure.
  The long-term research and testing showed that mushroom compost as a fertilizer has a very high quality. However, some rules should be followed in using mushroom compost as a fertilizer:

  1. The maximum efficiency of compost is achieved after its «ripening» for at least a month. This is due to the fact that the decomposition of individual straw stalks, still noticeable in the structure of mushroom compost (as in traditional manure), binds a number of nutrients necessary for plant growth. To ensure the compost maturity to the targeted condition, unloading it in the corner of the plot and leaving it open for a month (or longer) would be enough.
  2. Mushroom compost (just like the traditional manure) is not a substitute for the fertile soil. It’s still a fertilizer. To increase the yield, the compost must be mixed with the soil, for example, when digging up a vegetable garden (similar to what’s done with manure).

  Besides being traditionally used as a natural fertilizer, the mushroom compost can be used as a recultivation soil: a mixture of compost with less productive soils can restore the fertile layer of old borrow pits, gulleys, testing areas.

  To purchase the mushroom compost, please contact us and send your request.

What you need to know when ordering mushroom compost at BONSHE JLLC

When planning the mushroom compost delivery, please bear in mind that after the hot steam treatment, this fertilizer becomes quite light and occupies a larger space in the vehicle. One ton of fertilizer takes about 1.6 m3 space in the truck body.

The minimum shipping batch of compost is 6 m3, and the width of the trailer or vehicle body should be at least 2.2 meters. We understand that such a sixe is not always convenient for consumers, but, unfortunately, we cannot change it, because this is associated with the specifics of the mushrooms growing process.

If you want to purchase mushroom compost, but you do not know where to order transportation, we can refer you to several partners who have been cooperating with us for a long time and have proven themselves in delivering fertilizer to our customers.

If you plan to buy a large volume (this is especially relevant for farms), please check with us, perhaps a discount is applicable.

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