Cooperation Procedure In the Sphere of Fertilizer On the Basis of Spent Mushroom Composted Fertilizer

Fertilizer On the Basis of Spent Mushroom Composted Fertilizer:

Spent mushroom fertilizer has long been known to the residents of Brest region as an excellent fertilizer, which is not worse than the traditionally used cattle manure. It is not surprising, because the basis of mushroom fertilizer is a mixture of rotten straw, a mixture of turfs and chicken manure. The quality of mushroom fertilizer has been highly evaluated in the course of long-term studies and tests. Nevertheless, some rules should be observed while using mushroom fertilizer:

  1. The maximum efficiency of fertilizer is achieved after it has «matured» for at least a month. This is due to the fact that the deterioration of individual straw stalks, which are still visible in the structure of mushroom fertilizer (as in traditional manure), binds a number of nutrients necessary for plant growth. To ensure that the fertilizer matures to the desired state, it is sufficient to pile it in a corner of the plot and leave it in the open for a month (longer is also possible).
  2. Mushroom fertilizer (like traditional manure) is not a substitute for fertile soil. It is fertilizer, after all. To increase yields, fertilizer should be mixed with soil, for example, while digging up the garden (similar to the same procedure with manure).
    In addition to the traditional way of using mushroom fertilizer as a natural one, it can be used as a cultivating soil: a mixture of fertilizer with less productive soils can be used to restore the fertile layer on the site of old quarries, cloves, landfills.

If you have questions on mushroom fertilizer purchase, you can contact our specialists and leave a request on the same.

Things That You Need to Know To Order Mushroom Fertilizer at BONSHE JLLC

While planning the delivery of mushroom fertilizer, it should be taken into consideration that after hot steam treatment this fertilizer becomes quite light and takes up a large volume in the back of a vehicle. One ton of fertilizer occupies about 1.6 m3 in the back of a vehicle.
The minimum shipment batch of fertilizer is 6 m3, and the width of the back of a vehicle or trailer is not less than 2.2 meters.

If you are interested in mushroom fertilizer, but do not know where to order a delivery vehicle, we can offer you third-party organizations that deliver fertilizer to buyers.

If you buy a large volume (this is relevant for farms), please clarify whether there is a discount for such a volume.

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